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Four Score and seven years agoit was 1930. The stock market had just crashed. 9,000 banks were about to close, wiping out $2.5 billion in deposits. Not a good time to be in business.
Jump back to the present. With over 27 million businesses in America (according to the U.S. Census Bureau), it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that a lot of people (including some rocket scientists) decided business isn’t a bad thing when done right.
The Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis reports that total business sales for May 2017 was $1,350,200,000,000 (that’s a little over $1.3 trillion). Which means a lot of people are figuring out how to do it right.
That’s who we want to connect with…accredited investors, entrepreneurs and business professionals who want to do business the right way – invest smart, work hard and take care of all stakeholders – not just shareholders, but suppliers, employees, customers and community.
And that’s why we built the ClubsCorp Business Network. So you can connect with like-minded people, do business right, enjoy the fruits of your labor, and help others develop and achieve their goals.

Member Benefits

  • Access to ClubsCorp’s Private Member Site
  • Free subscription to BizNet Magazine
  • Membership to a ClubsCorp Chapter (or assistance in starting one if there isn’t one in your area)
  • Free attendance/meal at ClubsCorp Chapter luncheon events sponsored by ClubsCorp National
  • Discounted rates for all other ClubsCorp National sponsored events
  • Discounted rates for all American Business Development Company (ABDC) sponsored events
  • Discounted rates for ClubsCorp Featured Company listings
  • Discounted rates for BizNet advertising opportunities
  • List your products/services in the ClubsCorp Marketplace ($99/listing)
  • Accredited Investors (per SEC rule 501) get access to exclusive “first look” member-only opportunities at undervalued equities, early stage private, or seasoned company investments!
  • Entrepreneurs and Business Professionals get access to presentation packages for “America First Investments” luncheons sponsored by the American Business Development Company and/or ClubsCorp National. These luncheons are held around the country during ClubsCorp local/regional chapter meetings.

Sign up now for the introductory rate of $129 while we finish construction of the site and we will lock in your renewals at $129/year. Go to, click on the blue Member Site button to load the ClubsCorp Member Site, then click on “Join” or the orange GET CONNECTED! button. Select your membership level (Accredited Investor or Business Professional/Entrepreneur) and follow the directions to create your basic profile and sign up for ClubsCorp News.
If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact either of us via email or phone as noted above.

Ben Doherty, President                  
Tony Craig, Executive Director

Become A Member
Ben Doherty  President
Tony Craig  Executive Director


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