US And Taliban Talks 3 Things You Need To Know

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This week we received reports of an agreement between the United States and the Taliban that could lead to an end to the war in Afghanistan. 

Here is the latest news from Scott Smith. Could the U.S.-Taliban deal lead to peace in Afghanistan? 

The key thing will be whether or not the Taliban will be able to maintain a reduction of violence in the first part of the implementation of the deal. That will be key to showing that they have command and control over their troops and they have a willingness for peace. If they're able to do that, then they've agreed to talk to the Afghan government. Afghan negotiations, as we call them, will be the more complicated part, but if they can take place in an atmosphere of reduced violence and goodwill on both sides to find a political agreement, then the answer to this question is a hopeful yes.When will intra-Afghan negotiations began, and what will they focus on? It's expected that the Afghan talks will begin within days after the signing of an agreement between the U.S. and Taliban. The intra-Afghan talk will focus on the future of Afghanistan, the structure and makeup of the future Afghan government, and how Taliban plays in that government, and other political parties and groupings within Afghanistan. The talks between Afghans has the expectation is that they should be both inclusive of all Afghans and all Afghan groups within the country, including woman, minorities and civil society. They should see themselves involved in those talks, and they should be substantive in terms of the future of the country. Taliban should be welcome to join the Afghan government, not as a victor, but as a group of Afghans.What does this mean for Afghan women? This is a critical moment for Afghan women, as it is for the entire population in Afghanistan. This is a test for the Taliban to show that they have evolved, and they believe in women's rights. This is also a test for Afghan government to support and protect women's rights in the negotiation. Afghan women have been loud and clear that they will not go back to the traditional roles and also to the era when they were publicly humiliated, they were excluded from social political economic affairs and they were discriminated against. Afghan women are teachers, lawyers, judges, prosecutors, they're active in security forces and that's a reality that Afghans from all over have to accept and live with.. Do you feel this agreement is a good start for providing safety and security in the region? Please voice your opinions below.

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