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WFNews1 Inc. And ClubsCorp Business Network Announce Synergistic Partnership

Dallas, Texas (Uptick Newswire – July 26, 2017) –  WFNews1 Inc. “WFN1” ( and ClubsCorp Business Network “CCBN” (, a wholly owned subsidiary of American Business Development Company, Inc. “ABDC” ( are joining forces to enhance their respective audience and membership.

WFN1, Inc. will work to populate co-hosted luncheon events with CEOs interviewed on its radio and television simulcast—and encourage its audience and the featured CEOs, all of whom have a success story to tell and a need for expansion capital, to become ClubsCorp Business Network member-subscribers. CCBN will thereby gain access to a significant market of CEOs with a story to tell and an investment opportunity to offer. Additionally, WFN1 and CCBN will develop a more industry-centric atmosphere at the luncheon meetings, providing an opportunity for companies in sectors such as aerospace, biotechnology, automotive, software and computer peripheral technology, among others, to meet with the full spectrum of the financial community—including those who may specialize in and have in-depth knowledge of specific industry sectors. This synergy will better enable the matching of money to opportunity offer. Moreover, this peer-to-peer approach will allow specialty companies to meet savvy investors who can better understand and measure the opportunity presented by the CEO. ClubsCorp will continue growing its membership of exclusive high-net-worth men, women and entrepreneurs.

“Having WFN1 as a media partner will enhance our membership growth exponentially and our overall membership subscription base, I believe, “said Ben Doherty, president, CCBN.

Don Cavett, CEO and director, ABDC, added: “I knew we had hit a homerun after our final meeting with the senior management of WFN1!”

About ClubsCorp Business Network
CCBN is a national membership business network and organizer of investment events focusing on the development of exclusive membership chapters within the national network. These chapters are comprised of qualified investors who are all CCBN members, such as individual accredited investors, executives of private and publicly traded companies, and other business professionals and small business owners who have made their money the old-fashioned way: working hard and playing by the rules. CCBN is an interactive platform allowing its member-investors to connect both online through their online social business connections as well as in person at more than 60 membership-chapter luncheons, all-day conferences, and international conferences and educational events. CCBN provides a unique platform that connects entrepreneurs seeking access to capital with registered, dues paying individual investors. CCBN hosts a variety of investment events in over 24 cities in the United States, including San Juan, Puerto Rico, and Quito, Ecuador. CCBN is the leading financial event host in the United States. For further information on ABDC or ClubsCorp Business Network, visit or or contact Don Cavett, CEO at; (972) 849-3009. American Business Development, Inc. 5700 West Plano Parkway, Suite 3600 Plano TX 75093.

About WFN1
Founded by three industry experts in financial media services—Michael Yorba, Todd Sonoga and Mervyn Price—WFN1 is committed to focusing on stories, people and their businesses that reflect positive financial outcomes, across multiple media outlets in real-time, allowing live user interaction. WFN1 Inc. will eventually be aired in five of the nation’s largest demographics, to an audience of over four million, in Dallas, Chicago, San Francisco, New York and Los Angeles. This existing audience has already been tested and rated as people who crave financial news daily. Using their proprietary database of investors who have opted-in for regular emails containing business and financial news, WFN1 Inc. will also drive yet more listeners and viewers to the shows, all of which will eventually be carried on multiple radio, TV, social media and Internet platforms. The WFN1 audience is made aware of new and interesting companies and industries that are inevitably both fascinating and rewarding. New and productive ideas provoke growth in the global economies and encourage prosperity and good health for all nations on our planet. WFN1 is at the forefront of this emerging new and global multimedia event. For further information on WFN1, visit WFNews1, Inc. Providence Towers East Tower Suite 400, 5001 Spring Valley Road, Dallas Texas 75244; Phone: (972) 383-1212; Email:

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WFNews1 Inc.
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